February 12th, 2011

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Chewed Out

Because I don't want to risk further damage to the broken tooth before it gets its temporary crown Monday, I've been eating nothing but soft, non-sticky foods. This diet of beans, pasta, and cooked cereal is boring. And I even have to be careful with the beans and cereal, as they sometimes contain bits of foreign matter. That means I chew on the side that doesn't have the broken tooth, and chew slowly, just in case something slips over to the other side. I've long thought of teeth as no better than a necessary evil, and it's times like this that underpin that belief. Teeth will bite you in the arse every time! I'm close to envying the cats their crunchy food. And that stuff doesn't even smell good.

Preparing myself for the fifteen-degree drop in expected high temperatures from Sunday to Monday, I spent half an hour basking in the sunlight this afternoon. I'll be too busy shopping tomorrow afternoon to charge the internal batteries then. I feel sorry for all the plants that have already put so much energy into blooming. Boy are they in for an unpleasant surprise.