February 1st, 2011



Bright afternoon turned breezy, littering the yard with pine needles and still more oak leaves. For some reason all the oaks have clung to many dead leaves this year. Most years they are utterly bare by the beginning of January. It's been very inconvenient to have raking to do for an extra month. Even after today's wind, there are still a few clumps of leaves on most of them. At this rate I won't be done raking until spring arrives.

Portia enjoyed the wind. She got excited and romped around in the front yard, and cavorted among the branches of the mulberry tree which, thankfully, has already let all its leaves go. I don't know how the feral cats reacted to the wind, as I haven't seen them all day. Or maybe that's how they reacted— by hiding out somewhere.

Today was a head yanking day. It was a bit easier this time, probably because it's only been four weeks since the previous yanking, so my neck didn't have that extra week to get further out of alignment. It will be four weeks until the next one, too, so unless I'm careless in the meantime and get my neck in a twist, that head yanking should turn out well, too.

I came across an interesting photo at Flickr. It dates from about 1930, and depicts an ice cream shop called The Freezer, which was in a small building shaped like an old fashioned, hand-cranked ice cream freezer. It was in a neighborhood near where I grew up, but I don't remember The Freezer, so it must have been gone by the time I was old enough to notice such things. When I was a kid, soft-serve ice cream was taking over the roadside ice cream stand business. As far as I know, none of those were housed in a building shaped like a big Dairy Queen machine. Such a building would be pretty dull compared to The Freezer, anyway.