January 30th, 2011


Belated Saturday Post

Late Saturday afternoon a fog came in, but it didn't last long. By evening it had turned to a soft rain which then lulled me to sleep, and I didn't get around to making a journal entry. I slept for four hours, and now probably won't get back to sleep all night even though the rain continues. It's power to make me nap is exhausted.

It's not likely that winter is going to turn wintry, though. There will be a couple of chilly days and then it will be back to the cool mildness that has prevailed for the last couple of weeks. In fact camellias are already blooming, and it looks like a big crop of them is on the way. If the mild weather continues, all the plants will get an early start this year. If we get a nice rain every couple of weeks, a very lush spring could be on the way. Let there be frogs!

Fog After Rain

The scent of this thin fog fails to evoke anything it once evoked. Instead there is, as though behind it, a second fog, or a thought like fog; but far more dense, so it allows no definition to emerge. The sky presents its sparse stars only slightly blurred, but memory presents nothing, not even a brief twinkle of distant light.

Here, as I walk I kick those leaves I left unraked last fall, still strewing that part of the yard beyond winter's unscented jasmine hedge, and their sound has dulled as they have decayed. In my mind my lost footsteps make not even that dead sound, and all the streets from which their echoes have vanished are gone as well.

When the jasmine blooms I'll remember the fog, but tonight the fog has forgotten me. It drifts away and as the stars brighten I'm still kicking rotted leaves that once played green music I can no longer hear. Night renders the path my feet have made invisible. It's as though the fog and I haven't been here, or there, at all.

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