January 15th, 2011

beavis and butthead


Because I was out of cat food I finally had to go to the store. I can't have feral cats starving at my back door. Alger and Farah were waiting for me when I got home, and were very happy to see me. They were even happier to see the food, of course. The rations were scant last night. Tonight they had full bowls, and spent several minutes emptying them. Then I went on and promptly fell asleep on the couch without getting my own dinner. Now I feel like eating breakfast instead, in the middle of the night. I'd make pancakes, but there are no fresh eggs. I guess I'll just have oatmeal instead.

Having this cold has made me even duller than usual. It must be a stupid virus.

Additional Stupid: I wrote this entry about eleven o'clock Fridy night and then forgot to post it until after midnight.


It turned almost warm today, coming within a degree or two of the temperature I keep the house. A couple of degrees warmer and I'd have been able to air the place out. That isn't going to happen for at least the next several days, though. Tomorrow there might even be a bit more rain. This evening there were just enough clouds to provide a lurid, orange sunset, but more will gather tonight. It should be clear for the first full moon of the year on Wednesday. I get a full moon for my birthday!

I finally found the key to mom's trunk, where she kept various items of personal memorabilia such as newspaper clippings, documents, school photos, greeting cards— the usual hodgepodge of stuff people accumulate. Among other things I found a program for a high school play that one of my aunts was in in 1938. There was also a newspaper clipping about my dad's old girlfriend, from before he met my mom. Why my mom clipped that out and kept it I have no idea. She was odd like that.

But the most interesting thing I found was a box stuffed with envelopes full of old photo negatives. I thought the negatives to mom's photos were long gone, but there they were. Most of them are of the 6 cm square format, from 120 or 620 film. Many of them are probably for photos of which there are no prints. Now I have more reasons to get a scanner, but it will have to be one that scans medium format negatives. It's bound to take a long time to digitize that many negatives, too. There must be several hundred of them. I'm going to have to start shopping for a scanner before I run out of spare cash. Within a few months I won't be able to afford one.