November 24th, 2010

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Talk, Smell, Gallop

Alger is getting fat. This afternoon I looked out the window and saw a kitty and thought oh, no, Farah is pregnant— and then Farah appeared from around the corner of the house. I'd been looking at Alger, and he is fat. When a male cat looks pregnant, he needs to diet. I've been so worried about him not getting enough to eat that I've ended up overfeeding him.

There's no telling how he'll react if I try to cut back on his food. He might just eat everything I put out before Farah can get her fair share. She doesn't need to diet, because she gets exercise. In fact she tries to get Alger to play with her, but he just hisses at her. He seldom shows any desire to romp and chase around the yard the way she does, and I never see him climbing the trees. About the only time he runs is when he sees Tommy Two-tone approaching.

I hope the fat is at least helping to keep him warm during this nasty cold weather. It's going to drop below freezing again tonight, and the days continue to be cold, too. I've had to turn the thermostat up to 68 degrees. The house was just too cold at 66. I'll be glad when winter is over. Of course it has to actually get here first. There's still almost a month to go before the solstice. Argh!