November 21st, 2010



Rain returns to wash the driveway clear of snow and liberate the reflected day, the storming clouds, the patches of blue sky that provide brief sunshowers. The vanishing snow also reveals masses of leaves which now cover the lawn that two days ago was almost clear of them. Everything is changed. The peach tree is all bare twigs, the sourgrass flattened from the weight of snow, the frigid air full of drifting plumes of smoke released from chimneys.

Clumps of snow line the street like twin rows of slowly dissolving monuments. The corpses of so many summers lie buried there. Someday the pavement shall have been melted away, and the rains will soak soils long burdened, and green things will thrust toward the solar warmth once imprisoned by asphalt. Some things take longer to change than others, but storms change everything, sooner of later.

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