October 30th, 2010



Portia appears to be growing more distraught over the rain. She mopes on a chair near the door for a while, then goes to look out the window for a while, then returns to the chair. She's been oddly subdued most of the day, though she did go out to the garage a few times while I had the door open. There she just sat as close to the door as she could get without getting wet, and glared. She's obviously displeased. She'll probably be even more displeased tomorrow, as stronger rain is expected. I'll be sharing her displeasure, as I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

A few acorns are finally falling. I hear them smack the metal roof of the garage beyond my back fence. The tree overhanging that roof always seems to get the most acorns, good years or bad. When they fall at night the sound of them hitting the roof shatters the silence, and that silence is greater now that the cicadas have ceased their nightly noise. The reports of the acorns are like gunshots, making me nostalgic for Southern California.

Halloween tomorrow. There will probably be few kids out, unless the rain lets up in the evening. I foresee nearly empty streets, with a few bedraggled ghosts.