October 15th, 2010


Aw, Nuts!

This year's walnut crop remains quite disappointing. I found one more nut this afternoon, bringing the total to 27. I don't know what is wrong with my tree, as this year the California walnut industry is enjoying a record harvest. Maybe there's some sort of special walnut tree fertilizer I could use next year. Well, at least the record crop means that walnuts might be fairly cheap at the market. I like to put chopped walnuts in my oatmeal, just to add some interest to what is really a pretty dull dish.

Portia has taken to staying out later each night. I'm starting to wonder if she's found another place where they feed her something she likes better than the stuff I give her. Maybe she's raiding some other kitty's outdoor bowl. She might also be catching rodents, of course, but if so she's not eating them in the garage where she eats birds. I've seen no featherless leavings there. But it's annoying to have to keep checking on her to see if she wants back in.

There were a few clouds again tonight, but they had no love for the moon, staying well clear of it. What's the point of nocturnal clouds if they catch no moonlight? It's too bright for many stars to show, too. Dull sky.