October 12th, 2010



It was a nice evening for watching the waxing crescent moon. The tree shadows are not yet as lacy as they will be in a few weeks, but sufficient leaves have fallen to let a bit of light fall through them here and there. I sat on the back porch eating frozen fruit bars and watching Alger and Farah frolic on the freshly raked lawn.

The cats prefer the parts of the lawn that have turned green, those being mostly along the fence that is hidden by the jasmine hedge, the best-watered part of the yard. The hedge has no blossoms this late in the year, of course, but raspberry fruit bars have enough of a fragrance to compensate for the absence of the jasmine's scent.

A while ago the moon finally settled into the pines and I returned indoors, but the air remains mild even this late. Too bad there is no meteor shower tonight. It's warm and moonless, and would be a perfect night to stay outside late. By the time the Orionids peak on October 21, the moon will be full, and the night is likely to be cold, too.

Today was trash day, and I just realized that I forgot to put the wheelie bin back in the back yard. It will have to wait until tomorrow. The noise of rolling it along the gravel path would disturb the neighbors this late at night. My life is just endless excitement, isn't it?