September 22nd, 2010



Two days without a journal entry. Over the last nine years that's only happened when I didn't have my computer. This time I just didn't post anything. I don't know why. After all, we still have weather. There are still cats. It could be ennui, I suppose, but I hope not. Ennui is so jejune. And this is September.

Ah, a bad pun. Still got it!

Still got the moon, too, and it turns out this is the first full moon to shine on the Autumnal Equinox since 1991. Yes, Equinox. If you're hearing about it here for the first time, you missed it. Officially, Autumn began a few hours ago. Locally it happened at 8:13. I forgot about it and was watching television. Well, that's not ennui. That's just blasé.

Happy Equinox.