September 15th, 2010

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


LiveJournal's internal clock must be messed up. The entry I posted last night (September 14) is dated September 13. I'm sure I didn't backdate it. It must have been some sort of code fart. I'm noticing more of those recently. Also, a few weeks ago my journal and friends page went from displaying 20 entires at a time to displaying only ten, and there is no way I can find to change it back. It's like the site's digital infrastructure is breaking down. If it gets much worse I'll be loathe to use it for fear my computer might blow up.


Looking forward to a mild and possibly rainy weekend, I dug a couple of sweaters out of summer storage. The autumnal equinox is only a week away. I guess it's about time to launder the extra blankets, too, so they won't smell like closet. Autumn smells so nice (at least during the hours when nobody is burning leaves or having a fire in the fireplace) that it would be a shame to ruin its arrival with closet smell.