September 11th, 2010

caillebotte_the orangerie

Fine Days and Felines

Portia has slaughtered another bird. I found feathers on the rug in the laundry area of my garage, which is where she always devours her kills. I don't know why she has to eat them there. It's difficult to sweep the feathery remains from that clingy bit of rug. Now she'll probably be hacking up a hairball with bits of tiny avian bones in it tonight, too. I could do without such kitty grossness.

Meanwhile, Farrah the feral cat has lost her fear of me to the extent that she now considers my shoes and pant legs to be cat toys. She grabs them, with her claws out, and bites them, and I yell at her and she runs away, and then quickly returns to grab and bite again. She now lets me pet her, too. I guess seeing Alger get frequent petting and not suffer any harm from it has encouraged her. I'm not at all sure this is a good thing. I fear it won't be long before she takes to launching herself at my feet when I'm walking across the yard. If she trips me and I fall I will probably be injured. If she catches my foot on the upswing she'll probably be injured. Some cats need more sense.

More hot days are coming up, though not as hot as a few weeks ago, and the nights will be mercifully cool, so air conditioning will be avoidable. The latter days of summer are often the best of the season here, And I'm anticipating them with pleasure. If there are few interruptions to the pattern and a day or two of clouds and rain intervene, so much the better.

Typing on a laptop with a cat on my lap is difficult and tedious. I think I'll just go watch television.