September 8th, 2010


All Wet

Not only did we get splendid, sun-washed afternoon clouds, but as evening neared they gathered to form a close, gray sky that soon released fresh rain, making the pavements gleam and scenting the dry earth. A few more days such as this would turn my lawn green again, without the expense of artificial irrigation, but most likely it won't happen that way. Wet Septembers are rare here. Still, I can dream of free water puddling in the flower beds and soaking the roots of the brown grass. But I'll avoid picturing my as yet unrepaired roof leaking.

Though the rain pleased me, it did not please the cats. Portia spent the evening lying in the garage, probably waiting for the dripping to stop so she could make her usual evening patrol of her territory, but she had to come in dissatisfied. She shared with me her displeasure by leaving a smelly dropping in the cat box. The feral cats, on the other hand, merely made unusually annoyed meows at me when I went out to feed them, as though the wetness of everything was all my fault. Sorry, kitties. I guess I just didn't think of your feelings when I ordered early rains.