August 28th, 2010

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Hack, Cough

No sooner does the weather turn pleasant than smoke fills the air. Neither Cal Fire nor any of the other web sites has any current news about a fire in the area, so either it just got started and there hasn't been time to get the information up, or this smoke is from the fire that's been slowly burning way up in the mountains for several weeks. If it's the latter, something must have stirred it up, and the breeze is just right to carry the smoke here. We've only had intermittent, light smoke from that fire so far, but tonight it smells like everybody in town has their fireplace going. I'm going to have to close my windows, and the house really isn't cool enough yet. I hate the dry season.


Autumn is making an appearance today. Late August is pretty early for such an event, but here it is. The sky is pearly gray and the air is delightfully cool, carrying no trace of the smoke which tainted it last night. There might even be sprinkles of rain before the clouds depart. The heat will be back next week, but for now I'm enjoying this respite— despite a sudden craving for pumpkin pie, which must go unsatisfied due to lack of key ingredients.

However, the coolness makes this a night to use the oven, and Sunday will probably be an oven night as well. Baked macaroni tonight, I think, and lasagna tomorrow. Baked potatoes will have to wait until a longer cool spell arrives. And come to think of it, I do have some brownie mix, and though brownies are nowhere near as autumnal as pumpkin pie, they'll do in a pinch. Midnight brownies! By Monday I'll be so carbo-loaded that I won't care how hot it gets. I'll be comatose.