July 29th, 2010

bazille_summer scene


Fudgesicles. I haven't had Fudgesicles in years. They were on sale and I couldn't resist the opportunity to regress to childhood for such a low price. Alas that I have no slides or swings. There are trees to climb, of course, but my joints failed to regress with my mind and I'd be foolish to try climbing one. Nor is the Portia, though an excellent feline companion, a substitute for Sparky, the dog of my childhood, who has been dead now for over half a century. Not to mention that all my friends of that time are gone or have been scattered to the winds.

But to dwell on these changes would be an invitation to melancholy, which is not a good accompaniment to Fudgesicles. I think I'll just un-regress and lick one while watching cable. Oh, wait. I said un-regress, didn't I. Fine. I'll read a book. There'll still be the Fudgesicles.