July 28th, 2010


More Cat Droppings

It turns out there are three new kittens, not two. One must have been AWOL when I saw them the other day. Tonight mom cat is nowhere to be seen, but small gray cat is in my back yard with three kittens. I'm now considering the possibility that small gray cat is the new kittens' mom, and that Alger's mom could be their grandmother, though I still think it more likely that gray cat is only the babysitter. Kitty genealogy is puzzling.

New kittens are having a meal now. A few minutes ago only one of them was in the yard, and as I watched through the window a raccoon passed by. It didn't approach the kitten, and as the raccoon scurried across the lawn, the kitten ran back the way the raccoon had come. A moment later, small gray cat appeared from that direction, all three kittens following. When I took food out for them the kittens vanished while gray cat hissed and growled at me. She didn't wait for the kittens to return before starting to eat. That seems more like babysitter behavior than mom behavior.

So far I haven't seen either Alger or his sister Farrah in the yard at the same time as the kittens, though I've seen both of them with small gray cat on more than one occasion over the last few weeks. I expect it will happen eventually if the kittens keep turning up here. I'm wondering what will happen when Alger finally sees them. I'm sure he won't harm any that are female, but if there's a male kitten among them I can't be sure what he might do.

Seeing an extra cat was, alas, the most interesting thing that happened all day. I expect tomorrow to be duller— unless, of course, a fourth kitten shows up. Should that occur, I do hope the excitement won't be too much for me.