July 8th, 2010



Fluffy sky provided a backdrop for the woodpeckers saying goodnight to one another on the utility pole this evening. This has been their nightly ritual for the last few days. There were half a dozen of them tonight. Later, some deer came by, but it was dark by then so I couldn't see to count them. I enjoyed listening to their hooves on the pavement, though.

The last few nights have been getting warmer, so the house doesn't cool off completely by morning despite the windows being open. It still hasn't reached eighty degrees indoors, though, and I'm still managing to do without the air conditioner. I think of each drop of sweat as a penny saved from the clutches of the energy companies.

A few minutes ago the energy company in the clouds started making noise. That's free energy, but good luck trying to capture and use it. I'm just hoping for no fires.