July 4th, 2010



There's nothing like shopping to ruin a day. It was especially bad today. Why weren't all those people at the lake? It was a holiday! I should have had the stores to myself! There's no point in staying in this town on the 4th, anyway, since fireworks are prohibited, so you don't even get to see a kid blow his fingers off unless you go to Chico or Oroville. Or the lake. Go to the lake, people! Give me liberty by giving me dearth— of you!

Anyway. At least I got some good cherries at a fairly decent price. Since our cherry tree died I've missed being able to go out back to pick cherries on the warm evenings of early summer. I seldom buy them because they are one of the costliest fruits here. Safeway's bargain allowed me to indulge in a bit of nostalgia. I sat on the back porch eating cherries and listening to the crickets as dusk edited the landscape into darkness. I'll be able to do this all week, since I bought two pounds. Ah, the sybaritic luxury of it all!

Then dinner was late, and I didn't even care.

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