June 17th, 2010

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


My shoulder has gone sore and doesn't want to stay in the position I need it to be in when I use the keyboard. The keyboard thus gets a rest. Obviously I have been outsmarted by a mere device. If I vanish, look inside my refrigerator. It has long desired to devour me, I'm sure.

Sky Arrives

There were nice cirrus clouds this afternoon. It's the first good crop of them I've seen this year. I spent a good hour watching them form and drift and dissolve. Unfortunately they were gone by sunset, so I didn't get to se them change colors.

The ponderosas have started shedding the tiny male cones which lately spewed yellow pollen over everything. I gladly crunch them underfoot. Shameless cones! Your spooging days are over!

But this page from the Bend Bulletin says that very few people are allergic to pine pollen, so it's probably the grass pollen that is spewed around the same time that causes my spring sneezing fits. Well, I'm still going to crush those pine cones. I had to sweep up pounds of the pollen they released. Sneeze-inducing or not it made too much work for me.

Oh, and watermelons are still too expensive this year. As soon as they get down to about three bucks each I intend to eat an entire one at once. Well, maybe all of it in one day. Then it will be summer.