June 11th, 2010

caillebotte_the orangerie


Stiff breezes came and piled the clouds above the mountains. The breezes were enjoyable, and so was the sight of sunlight flashing on bright green leaves. Not so enjoyable was the pollen the breezes stirred up. The pollen is usually gone by mid June, but a lot of plants are bloooming late this year. Still, the sunlight is a nice change from the gray days that prevailed for so long.

Bugs are appearing in ever greater numbers of course, and I flick earwigs from the kitchen counter into the sink with monotonous frequency. Crane flies are getting trapped indoors each night, and must be released each morning. The spiders in the garage are flourishing. Though I probably slaughtered most of the black widows before they hatched, there are now daddy long legs spiders in every corner. I've seen a few wolf spiders, too. I hope they are at least going to help trap the mosquitoes before I get too many bites.

I had to go shopping this afternoon, so I'm still a bit punchy. If somebody delivered groceries here I'd probably do most of my shopping on the Internet. Of course then I'd never see anybody but the delivery guy. My offline social life these days consists mostly of dealing with store clerks. I talk more to cats than I do to people.