June 7th, 2010


Opening Late

Letting the air in once the sun has gone and the heat leaves the outdoors is the best part of evening. The heat is now trapped in the attic. I hear it moving around up there. Or maybe that's just timbers creaking as the house adjusts to the cooler outside air. Whatever it is it gives me a start each time there's a creak. You'd think I'd get used to it, but no.

It's the day's ghost moving around up there, and I'm sure it's up to no good. I'll be lucky if it doesn't invite rats or raccoons to move into the attic with it. They'll have a party and I'll bang on the ceiling yelling at them to shut up. But I've got the windows open and the cool air comes in and is hastening the departure of the attic heat. The day's ghost will be sapped of its energy and the rats and raccoons will get bored and leave and everything will grow quiet. Then I'll have the house to myself again. It will be about time, and I'll say Man, I thought they'd never leave.

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