May 19th, 2010

caillebotte_the balcony


The almost foxtail-free yard is looking nice, although the poppies took a beating from the rain. Lots of young fruit are growing on the peach tree, and the sourgrass is finally in full bloom. The fruitless mulberry tree has grown out nicely, and will provide plenty of shade to the front yard if the summer ever comes. I don't want the summer to rush. The long, cool spring has been a pleasant change.

Eventually there will be heat, I'm sure. For those brief periods when the sun emerged today the air warmed rapidly, but the clouds always returned to moderate it. It was a bit like living in Oregon. In any case, once the weather turns hot there will be the compensation of jasmine scenting the nights. The year is turning out to be tolerable. I'm looking forward to the first casaba melons, which ought to be turning up in the stores soon. I intend to splurge on at least one even before their price comes down. It's been too long since I've tasted one.

Oh look, Tuesday went away before I could nail it down.

Again Another Day

Another rainy day, but it never rained hard enough to make the roof leak. The kitchen faucet leaked, though. It's been leaking a lot recently, and has gotten new washers twice, but each time it's fixed it starts to leak again a day or two later. The house is falling apart. Some of the kitchen linoleum (probably original to the house and thus about fifty years old) is starting to click when stepped on, which means it's coming lose from the subfloor.

Floors in other parts of the house are developing new squeaks and creaks. So far none of the wiring has burst into flames, but I should probably expect such an event momentarily. The house was not really built to last. I can't afford to get it fixed. I guess the house and I will just have to decay together.

Better news is that the two major supermarkets in town had ads in the newspaper today. They haven't had them for months. I thought maybe the companies were going broke and couldn't afford to have ads in the paper. Maybe their sudden return is a sign that they're doing better. Whatever the reason, it's nice to have the ads back. I can plan my shopping without using the annoying store web sites. Yay paper. While I hate shopping, I actually enjoy planning to shop. That can be done from the comfort of my collapsing house. In fact I think I'll go take another look at the ads right now, before the ceiling caves in on me.