May 17th, 2010

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Where did the day go? Well, pat of it went to pulling up foxtails, and part of it went to cleaning the house, and part of it went to hunting black widow spider egg sacks. The last was the part I disliked most. Summer is coming. I'm envisioning tiny black widows scampering all over the house on sultry nights. The way to prevent that is to torch the egg sacks before they hatch, but there are so many this year. The rafters of the garage (where Portia likes to hang out) are full of them. I can't reach quite a few. Too bad I can't teach Portia to operate a torch.

Probably more egg hunts tomorrow. It's like an arachnid Easter around hear.

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I think Gladys has secretly been doing Sluggo for the last couple of years. She now behaves an awful lot like him.

We had some nice rain this afternoon, though. It smelled good.

Hours wasted dealing with an uncooperative computer. I'm out of time for the night.