April 30th, 2010

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


After many hours of searching, I finally found the CD ROM with which to install my Intarwebs service on Gladys. After many more hours of diddling about I almost got the instllation done, but a recurring hangup prevented my completion of the task until I finally called AT&T's support line and had the guy in India fix it for me. That took about an hour.

In the meantime, Windows Update kept fetching two years of updates that Gladys Laptop was missing. Widnows fetched them using Gladys Human's unsecured wireless network. I never instructed Windows to do this. It apparently has a mind of its own. The tech support guy in India finally had me disable the wireless connection, once we figured out that it was interfering with the setup uf my AT&T connection. Computers is weird.

Anyway, the night is almost gone and I have to sleep. Gladys Laptop can sleep now, too, and Gladys Human can have her wireless to herself again— unless, of course, somebody else is leeching off of it. If there is, I bet it's Bill Gates.

Oh, still no spellcheck. I never loaded it onto Gladys.
caillebotte_man at his window

Goodbye April. Don't Let the Door etc.

I'll never get used to the touchpad on a laptop. I must have my mouse! When Butch recovers (I'm assuming he'll recover) I'll let Gladys go back to sleep and I won't miss her. If Butch doesn't recover I'll be spending les time on the Internets, and accomplishing far less per unit of time while there. Some stuff takes forever with a touch pad.

Another thing I don't like is the foxtails. The weather this year must have been especially good for them. They are everywhere, even growing up through the golden poppies. When they are pulled up, foxtails take huge clods of dirt with them. Those are tough root systems they've got. They're way tougher than my knees, which ache from bending and squatting to uproot the nasty vegetation. Yanking them by had is the only way to protect the other plants. But oh how I'd love to just mow those vile foxtails down!

The last day of April was not warm enough to allow open windows, but tomorrow ought to be. There's a good chance that the recent storm was the last of the season. It sometimes rains in May, but nothing is headed this way for now, and the longer we go without rain the less likely it becomes that there will be any more until Autumn. I'll probably still need to run the furnace at night for the next couple of weeks, though. Smell the money burn!