April 27th, 2010

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Running Around In Semicircles

Monday was a belated shopping day, which left me in a dismal mood. It takes me hours to regain a state of calm after a shopping trip. Typically I get nothing done during that time. I'm thinking I should grow as much of my own food as possible, just so I can spend less time in the stores. My suspicion grows that a minute spent in Safeway is probably more exhausting than an hour spent weeding. Though around here there'd be a lot of weeding.

The local soil has an affinity for foxtails, in particular. I can't keep up with their growth! Every day I pluck them from the earth by scores, and the next day they are sprouting anew in the denuded spots. I can imagine them devouring all the nutrients my squash and carrots and aubergines would need if I had a garden. Where are the gophers when you need them?

There's a chance of rain tonight, and it's a near certainty tomorrow. Despite a slow start, and many storms that failed to fulfil their potential, the year has brought sufficient precipitation to stave off any serious water shortage this summer. Anything that falls now is figurative gravy. At least I hope it's figurative. Although actual gravy falling from the sky would be a food source, diminishing the amount of time I'd have to spend shopping.