April 11th, 2010

caillebotte_man at his window


Birds are odd little creatures. Today has been rainy and windy, but a few birds visited the back porch to snag snacks from the two bowls of dry cat food I leave out for the feral cats. A few minutes ago I looked out and saw one small bird sitting in one of the bowls. If Alger sees that bird in the bowl maybe he'll think I put it there for him to eat.

The rains of April are sometimes warm, but today's has been cold. There could be snow falling higher in the mountains, but here there are beads of water clinging to the new buds on the mulberry tree, glistening with the gray light of an overcast spring evening. Now and then a gust of wind will send a few of the drops flying, but more soon form. The sun must have set by now, so the beads will soon be swallowed by night. But there will be rain again tomorrow.

Maybe it was the overcast, but I didn't wake up until almost eleven o'clock this morning. Portia was helping to keep my feet warm, and was displeased when I shifted her, but was soon reconciled and found her way to the windowsill where she watched the rain. Kitties are easily entertained.

Dinner at eight. That's what happens when I don't eat lunch until three.

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