April 7th, 2010

caillebotte_the orangerie


The earwigs are out. They crawl here and there. I'd prefer them to stay there and not come here, but they have free will and will do as they please. Every time one of my leg hairs gives a twitch I envision an earwig crawling on me. It's unnerving.

Happier news is that the day was mild and I was able to leave the windows open for a couple of hours this afternoon. Tomorrow it will be too cold again, but Friday might be warm. Less happy news is that a considerable amount of pollen has arrived along with the the warmth (and the earwigs), so I'm sneezing. The earwigs are apparently immune to the stuff. Another reason to hate them.

Oh, and I went shopping and forgot things again. April is distracting. So many birds. Why haven't they eaten the earwigs?