March 27th, 2010

beavis and butthead

Fool's Errand

I misplaced my regular glasses this afternoon and repeated searches have been fruitless. I'm forced to wear my reading glasses and everything beyond a few feet is blurry. The trees were blurry, the rising gibbous moon was blurry, and the television is blurry. My vision is thus in harmony with my mind. A mere five minutes elapsed between the time I last held the glasses in my hand and the time I missed them and began my first search for them.

How I managed to misplace something I use almost constantly is inexplicable. I'd blame the cat for hiding them but she was out of the house when the glasses went missing. If she were a dog she might find them for me, though, so I blame her for that. This allows me to deflect from myself some of the blame for my extreme brainlessness. I suppose I'll eventually come across the glasses in some terribly obvious place and then feel even stupider for not having discovered them sooner.

Oh, folly!

But at least I can still see the Internets.