March 26th, 2010



Overcast and a strange sleep pattern made Thursday disorienting. The feral cats ran on the roof, and later there was distant thunder. Though they sounded alike these events were not related. I didn't turn the lights on until dusk, and the rooms were thus relentlessly gloomy. It suited the mood I developed as a result of not getting my head yanked. The yanking will take place Friday. I expect to be more cheerful then.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


My head has been yanked and I don't feel like sitting at the computer for long. Also, all the substances I've been using to clean various bits of the house and its contents are doing bad things to the skin on my hands, and typing makes my knuckles hurt. I'm going to get rubber gloves.

Yesterday's storm, such as it was, has gone with the kinks in my neck. Today was so bright and mild that it's hard to believe that it is supposed to be cold and rainy again by early next week. March is being like April.

Dinner involved the consumption of the best avocado I've had in months. I put it in a sandwich. Because I forgot to buy fresh tomato, I made do with a few thin slices of cucumber, and it worked out so well that cucumber will henceforth be an addition to many of my sandwiches. I don't know why I never thought of it before.

Now I will slouch toward the television and recline for the remainder of the evening so my back can rest after its adjustment. There will probably be a cat curled next to me. I have not yet gotten her to curl up at my back and purr the way Sunni used to do. Too bad. Feline vibrators are excellent for relaxing stressed back muscles.