March 22nd, 2010

caillebotte_the orangerie


It's almost pollen time, but today I was able to keep the windows open most of the day and didn't sneeze once. Tomorrow is to be warmer and I hope for another sneeze-free day. The house is getting nicely aired out, and being awake in the daytime and having the drapes open I can see the dust I've missed during the long time the shades had to be drawn because the light hurt mom's eyes. Day by day everything is getting cleaner. Some clutter is being removed as well. The most tedious part is sorting out what will stay and what will go. I'll be glad when that part is over.

Anyway, busy with all this and still not getting on the computer until late in the evening. Plus the days are so nice that I'm spending as much time as I can outside. It's been years since I could do that. The cats don't know what to make of the change.

I have pears.