March 13th, 2010

caillebotte_the orangerie


The stray cat who turned up yesterday evening turned out to be another tom. After I ran him out of the garage and closed it I could smell the spray he'd left in there. I'm considerably less sympathetic to him now that I know he's male and that the contretemps on the back porch yesterday was probably him running Alger off. Alger and his sister have second claim on the territory after Portia, and stray cat is a distant third. I'm going to hope he moves on and finds some other place to eat. If he doesn't then it's a call to animal control. Being accustomed to people means he'd have a good chance of being adopted from the shelter.

Another sunny day made it possible for me to do laundry and dry it outdoors. The automatic dryer still isn't fixed. I'll get around to calling somebody to deal with it eventually, but the increasing number of sunny days makes outdoor drying easier. Unfortunately the increasing number of sunny days also means that pollen will soon be flying, so I'll probably end up with pollen all over my air-dried laundry.

I hope there's no more really cold weather this year, as the peach tree has decided to bloom. Additional bloomers will undoubtedly be on display soon. The Vernal equinox is a mere week from now.

Must remember to set the clocks forward tonight. My schedule is still fairly messed up, so one more change probably won't make much difference. It means more evening daylight for cleaning the house, too.

Linkage: More than 400 waterfalls photographed by Leon Turnbull, mostly in the western U.S., but some in New York, Hawaii, and parts of Canada. I was surprised to find a couple I didn't even know existed that are within a few miles of my house. They were added to the collection on March 7 this year, and are the five listed as being in Oroville, California.