March 7th, 2010

caillebotte_the orangerie

Marches On

First, linkage: Fresh Logic Atlas is based on Microsoft's Bing Maps, but provides amore spacious view in the bird's eye feature. I found it to be considerably slower than Bing, but it might be my Internet connection that's at fault. The trade off is worth the wait, though.

Sleepage: I fell asleep about one o'clock in the morning and woke up half past seven A.M., which was surpassingly strange. I have no idea what will happen tonight/tomorrow.

Catitude: Because I was awake all day Portia got to go out quite a bit. She failed to encounter the other cats, and presumably had a good time stalking (and failing to catch) birds. Alger was most likely surprised to see me up and about at noon. He didn't even bother to hiss, and readily devoured his unaccustomed lunchtime snack. His female litter-mate appeared a bit later and seemed pleased to see me. She still refuses to be touched, though.

Weatherness: Relentlessly sunny and mild, the day was perfectly March-like, in March's more benevolent aspect. Wet and colder days approach, and the prospect of variety pleases me. As the windows remained open all afternoon once again, keeping them closed for a couple of days will not be distressing. The vernal equinox, after all is but two weeks off. Besides, more rain will help keep the frogs singing. I hear them now.

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