March 5th, 2010


Time Is Annoying

I still can't get my old routine back. There's just been too much disruption over the last few years. Today I didn't get to sleep until after noon and then woke up at five thirty. Now I feel like taking a nap, but there's no telling what the consequences of that would be.

Oh, I guess I'll find out what the consequences will be. I made the mistake of lying down for a minute to straighten out a kink in my back, and then fell asleep before I'd finished writing this entry. Rats.

It's turned cold again tonight. There's supposed to be rain. Maybe it will become snow again. I should hibernate until April.

Out and About

Grocery shopping is tedious. That's partly because I don't know where most stuff is located in the stores. I haven't been going out to do most of the shopping for years, and everything has been relocated since then. There's lots of new frozen stuff available since the last time I looked carefully, though. It's more expensive than making meals from scratch, but when you're only going to be making single servings its way easier.

It was nice still being out after dusk and seeing all the lights on though. I'd almost forgotten what they looked like.