March 3rd, 2010



So there was a surprise hour of snow this morning. An inch or so fell here, but it had all melted by evening. It's certain the clouds held back way more than they dropped. Watch for it in a sky near you!

I'm still not getting enough sleep, but now it's because I keep getting phone calls when I ought to be sleeping. Most of these calls I miss because by the time I get to the phone whoever was calling has hung up. I suppose I'll have to break down and buy an answering machine.

This evening I saw the gray cat in the yard, for the first time in three or four months. Later, Alger and his female litter-mate came by. The other male from the litter is still absent.

Off to the DMV early tomorrow since I now have a copy of my birth certificate. Soon I will officially exist once more. I hope nothing bad comes of it.