February 28th, 2010



Today I woke up just in time to see a late afternoon sunshower. That partly made up for only getting about four hours of sleep. Then I went out to feed Alger and again Portia rushed out before I could stop her, so I got to see more kitty glares. There was a bit of growling (from Portia) and a bit of loud meowing (from Alger) but again I was able to get Portia back into the house before a fight erupted. I don't know what I'm going to do about those kitties. I doubt they'll ever get along.

Tomorrow— wait, there goes midnight again— today is supposed to be the first entirely clear day in a long time. The next storm isn't due until Tuesday. All our snow will probably end up in the east again, though, as it did with this storm. A series of mixups in the delivery system. The weather gods must have switched over to Microsoft.

Time Out Of Joint

The clock in my room is seriously broken. The big hand was on the nine and the little hand a little bit past three when I woke up, so I guessed that it was quarter to four, but the functional clocks in the rest of the house said it was five thirty. One more thing that needs to be replaced. It's a good thing new clocks are easier to come by than new joints. My left shoulder is aching because I probably slept on it wrong, and my left knee tried to go out from under me when I stood up. I can check the computer or the Comcast cable box to see the correct time, but no device is available to pick me up off the floor if I go sprawling.

Rising so late means I missed most of the day's sunlight. New clouds were already forming by the time I looked outside, and by dusk they had grown so thick that I was unable to see the full moon rise. But before nightfall there was time to see the dozen or so camellias that have bloomed. The frogs were singing, and the acorn woodpeckers spent the evening in chatter, but I saw no flocks of waterfowl flying north. Perhaps they've all left already. I'm still stuck here.

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