February 14th, 2010

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Tiger, Tiger

Valentine's Day came on the Asian Lunar New Year this year. But being on the late side of the International Date Line, I didn't even wake up until the day after the Lunar New Year began over on the starting side. In fact I probably didn't get to sleep until it was over over there. Then I got about five hours of sleep. My leg got more sleep than the rest of me, and practically went out from under me when I got out of bed. It's very annoying when limbs decide to follow a different schedule than the rest of my body. The leg still feels a bit wobbly three hours later. It is probably annoyed that I'm following a different schedule than it is.

Anyway, it's the year of the tiger. Maybe it was because of that that the two missing feral cats decided to come back to see me this evening. I saw the female sniffing at the empty food bowls, and when I went out to feed her I heard the other one scampering across the roof. He must have heard me go out the door and he came down via the fence to get his share of the food. But Alger didn't turn up, so I'm still short a cat. Alger is probably off celebrating the year of the tiger in his own way.

My dad has been very restless the last couple of days. That's the main reason I'm getting even less sleep than the less-than-needed I usually get. They've added another medication to his schedule, so now I'm keeping track of four, plus his feedings, plus adjusting him in his bed after he shifts restlessly about and makes himself uncomfortable. I'm writing in bits and pieces as opportunity allows. I still haven't had dinner. I'm expecting another long night.

I don't remember if I've posted this piece before, but it feels appropriate to my mood:
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