February 13th, 2010



Well, that was a long evening.

Before it got so long, Alger came by and this time I managed to get out before he left again. I filled his bowl and he wolfed it down. After eating he rubbed his face on my shoes and purred at me. When I went indoors he left. I guess he doesn't want to hang around without me being nearby to run off the bigger cats. Still no sign of his litter-mates, though. I think they might be gone forever.

I hope the rest of the night isn't as long as the evening was.


For the last few evenings I've been hearing frogs. The frogs of February! The rain and the air's unseasonable mildness have made the amphibians think it's March. It's because the east has taken our winter. Not just California's winter, but the whole west coast's winter. Snow must be imported for the Winter Olympics!

Also, I heard geese a while ago, and they were headed north. Weird.

I didn't see Alger today. I didn't wake up until five o'clock, and he had already been fed.

My dad gets phenobarbital and I don't.