February 12th, 2010

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

No Naps For Me

Looking after my dad in his current state looks as though it will be even more time-consuming than I had expected. When waking from a doze (he doesn't seem to sleep anymore, just doze off for a while) he sometimes doesn't remember that he isn't in the care home anymore and he starts calling for the nurse.

Our furnace isn't as consistent as the heating system in the care home, either, so he is alternately too hot or too cold, and there has to be a frequent adjustment of his covers, which he can't do on his own. There is also a fairly elaborate process for putting medications into his feeding tube, which has to be done periodically. Luckily mom has been sleeping well so far tonight, so I haven't had to deal with both of them at once. Maybe things will go more smoothly once he gets accustomed to being back home.

I saw Alger briefly tonight, but once again couldn't get outside before he took off. The other two from the litter still haven't made an appearance that I've seen. I hope they're successfully avoiding the roving tom cats, and finding something to eat.