February 8th, 2010


Beastly Behavior

The feral cats have been absent most of the time for the last couple of days. Alger came by for breakfast this morning, and submitted to having his head lightly petted briefly. I haven't seen him since, and the other two I haven't seen for two days. I think Alger might be at fault. A few days ago he began trying to mount both of them. It appears that Alger is not only bisexual but incestuous.

His litter-mates did not seem pleased at receiving this novel form of attention, and I think they might be avoiding Alger by avoiding the yard. Alger might be absenting himself so much of the time because he's out looking for them, or for any other kitty he might find. Maybe he'd even settle for a small dog or a bunny or a duck. In fact I'm beginning to wonder if I understood what his recent obsession with rubbing his face on my shoes was all about. Gee, kitties grow up so fast, and in this case, so weird.

The drizzly weather is back now. Having a day of sunshine was nice, but two would have been better.