February 7th, 2010



My Saturday went missing. If anybody sees it, please let me know where it went. It was gray and drizzly, and of rather morose disposition, but not inclined to bite. I'd like to have it back, though no reward will be offered. I don't miss it that much.

That Time Again

Now that the rain has passed, the night has turned colder and neighbors have fires burning in fireplaces and wood stoves. Outdoors the smoke doesn't smell so bad, but when it gets into the house it reeks. This house leaks air as badly as its roof leaks water. Without the furnace being in here would be like being outdoors but without the advantage of breezes to clear the air. The breezes are nice, despite the chill, and I would stay outside if I didn't have to keep an eye on my aged charge. Drama would ensue were I not to be at hand when needed. Thus I feel closed off from the night even as its damaged scent seeps in. No landscapes here but in my thoughts. I find them too small.

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