February 1st, 2010


Cat to the left, mouse to the right

Portia curled up on my desk, adjacent to my keyboard, and went to sleep. Had I known she was going to do that I'd have moved my regular glasses. Now she's on top of them and I can't get them without waking her up (upon which she'd be likely to go into pest mode, walking over my keyboard and hopping on and off my lap every few minutes. So I let her sleep and I wear my reading glasses when I go outside. There is a blurry moon, and fewer clouds than a sudden, brief shower I heard a few minutes ago had led me to expect. My scraggly lawn is laced with shadows cast by the bare twigs and branches of the mulberry tree.

Still, it doesn't feel much like winter tonight. The air's earthy, grassy scent is springlike. Plants and pavement glisten, and most of the sky displays stars. Wearing only reading glasses I see the night almost as though it had been partly dissolved by the brief rain, and seeming as though a longer shower might make it vanish altogether like a soaked watercolor. I imagine that Orion might drip onto the earth and his light go flowing down the street, or be captured by the grasses of the fields. Myopia triggers such odd fancies.

The clouds will gather again soon, I'm sure. Another five days or more of rain are ahead. Most likely it will be of the same drizzly nature most of the season's rain has been so far. While the slowness of the rain keeps the ceiling leakage to a minimum, it's a bit tedious. A few good downpours interspersed with hours of clearing would be more interesting. But the water is needed. We'll take what we can get.