January 26th, 2010

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Another Catty Post

Alger the feral cat might be getting friendlier. He actually rubbed his head against my leg briefly while yowling at me this evening. I guess that could be construed as friendliness, though he might have simply been marking me as part of his territory. He still hissed, of course. His leg is still pretty bad, though he did manage to hop onto the sink board on the back porch to chase a moth. That was a pretty good leap for a virtually-one-legged cat.

He is also showing stronger signs of wanting to come indoors again, though I'm sure he would freak out almost immediately if he did get in. After his extreme panic the first time he came in, I'm surprised he wants to repeat the experience, but he gets very close to the door when I open it to go back in after filling the food bowls. I guess his curiosity overpowers his fear.

There could be two days when the sun shines for a while, then it's back to rain Saturday. Sun would be useful, if it shows up in the afternoon and not the morning. I didn't wake up until five o'clock this evening. Oy.