January 20th, 2010


Weather Wins Bulwer-Lytton Prize

Additional furious winds disturbed my sleep today, but failed to destroy any more of the fence. They were probably the cause of a local power outage lasting some five hours, though. The house got very chilly, but not as chilly as it would have gotten had the outage come later tonight. The ceiling continues to leak but the weight of the doubtlessly sodden insulation has not yet caused the acoustic tiles to collapse (knock on the laminate wall paneling.) All the trees on the block are still standing, too.

The current radar map shows heavy rain still falling just north of here, but a mass of clouds is currently moving east from the coast range, and they will probably reach here within an hour or so. It will be a dark and stormy night! I just hope the power stays on this time so it won't be as dark inside as it will be outside.

Also: Surf's up, dude!