January 5th, 2010


Smelly Doldrum

Once again somebody nearby is burning foul-smelling wood in their fireplace, making the night air reek. Another reason to look askance at winter.

I hate waking up at four o'clock in the afternoon.


I woke up early enough to get a little bit of sunlight this afternoon, which was a nice change, even though it means I'm shorter of sleep than I would have been. The evening sky turned a splendid shade of deep blue, with a few mauve and purple clouds floating here and there. Evenings are already noticeably longer, only two weeks past the solstice. I'm already anticipating flowers.

Two of the feral kittens cats napped on the foot of the chaise for a while late this afternoon, one with a foreleg thrown across the other's neck. Awww, kitty cuteness! Alger has gotten so brave that he practically trips me when I go out to feed them, so intent is he on protecting his litter-mates. He hisses and growls while weaving around my feet, then sniffs at my hand as I pour the food into the bowls. The other two just watch. I think they might think he's a bit crazy, though they are both content to let him be the Alpha cat. But mom cat, when she's around, hisses at him and chases him away from the food bowl, even though he's now about her size. I wonder how long his acceptance of her dominance will last once he realizes he could beat the snot out of her?

It's been decided that my dad won't be coming back home just yet. He's gone to a care facility that has a rehabilitation program, and their staff includes a specialist in swallowing disorders. If their therapy works he might be able to do without the feeding tube he just had put in. Now why didn't we find out about this place before he got the operation?