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Because my schedule has been so unstable lately I decided to to back to eating dinner in the afternoon. Not only does it give me a reason to stay awake that time of day, but it gets a major task out of the way. Of course I run the risk of falling asleep after eating and not waking up again until after sunset, but that didn't happen today.

Instead, I went out and watered the yard, which has been drying out fast. The oleander leaves are turning yellow, which is a sign of too little water, and the azalea blossoms that were the color of the anthropomorphized bladder in that Myrbetriq commercial have rapidly withered away.

I'm not sure if the shopping trip is still on for tomorrow or not. The phone rang a couple of times while I was out watering, but by the time I heard it and got back into the house it had stopped both times. I could have called my sister to see if she was the one who had called and had decided whether or not to take me tomorrow, but I got absent minded again and forgot until it was too late. These long evenings make me lose track of time.

It got pretty hot today, though I managed to keep the house cool enough to be tolerable, but today's heat was nothing compared to what's coming up. The long range forecast keeps upping its estimates, and now predicts four days in a row with temperatures above 100 and four nights in a row with lows above 70. The worst will be Sunday (so it's really important that I shop tomorrow) when the high will be 104 after a low Saturday night of 74.

Sunday night's low is to be 75. This is pretty horrendous. Using the air conditioner will be just about inevitable, which means a utility bill much higher than I'd hoped. Dammit, summer! Must you be a total dick? And during the last week of spring, at that!

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