December 27th, 2009


Barn Dance Omelet

I'm drifting. I post entries here a bit later each day. Well, I guess I'm posting them earlier than I used to, since it's going on three o'clock in the morning, and I always used to post before. My internal clock is broken.

There was a bit of rain this evening, and now I keep looking outside to see if it's snowing. It's cold enough to snow. Snow would be nice, but only if it stays higher up in the mountains.

Oh, and I will never buy a frozen pizza from the supermarket again. I'll be after-tasting that revolting piece of crap for a week.

The subject line of this entry makes no sense and is still better than the entry.

Holed Up

It's never quiet here. Even when the furnace stops running, there's mom's oxygen concentrator still running. And there's this machine, of course, its fan whirring away. I have to go outside to find quiet, but I can't stay out long as I have to be here in case I'm needed for some task. It's cold out there anyway, and clouds are still concealing most of the stars. I'm already tired of winter and want to hear crickets chirping. That's a sound to be welcomed.

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