December 25th, 2009



The traps are all set and I have every confidence that tomorrow I will at last be enjoying a big slab of braised elf and some barbecued reindeer ribs. True, the traps have failed every other year, but this year I have been very cunning in disguising them. I hope they work. Not only is my long-thwarted desire to taste elf and reindeer becoming ever greater, but I could really use a magic sack that provides an endless supply of toys. The economy is pretty harsh right now.

A grand time waster: Coverbrowser, featuring over 450,000 covers of books, magazines, and comic books, some going back to the 19th and early 20th century like these covers of Collier's Weekly. The scans are not full-size and are a bit blurry, but there certainly are a lot of them.