November 4th, 2009



For some reason I've been getting two or three spam phone calls a day for the last couple of days. We're supposed to be on the no-call list. I wonder if it has to be renewed periodically? I got very short with a couple of the callers today when I was rushing to get ready to go to my appointment and was interrupted with offers for deals on various items I don't need and don't want.

Stupid browser crashed while I was writing yesterday's entry. That's what I'd gotten done up there. Interruptions prevented me from getting back until now, and I've totally forgotten where I was going with it. Well, we probably weren't going anywhere interesting anyway.

I lost a lot of sleep again today. I'll go nap.

Not So Bright

The moon is so bright that I keep forgetting to take my flashlight when I go out, and then I trip over things because the moon isn't that bright. In fact I think I'm more likely to trip over things when the moon is this bright, because the contrast makes it more difficult to spot those bits of suburban impedimenta with which my yard is plagued. Well, their yard, since it belongs to the aged parents, not me, and I am thus not at liberty to rip all that stuff out. If I break my neck and die they'll be going into a care home, though, so I'll get revenge at least.

If I trip over something and only damage myself a bit, this is a good night on which to do it, as tomorrow I have an appointment to get my head yanked about by the professional head yanker, aka chiropractor. What with having my teeth abused yesterday and my neck abused tomorrow, this is a full week. I intend to drink an extra beer this weekend. Yes, I'm wild man!

Chance of rain tomorrow, increasing Friday, but it won't be too cold. Lovely days of autumn. I'll miss them when winter comes.

Plus this: A Riddell and M.E. Teats! Let me show you them!