October 26th, 2009

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Show Me Your Papers

Little sleep and lots of dealing with papers today has left me short of time and temper. Tomorrow I have to go out early, even before I sleep, and get another piece of paper that will tell people who I am. They won't really know, of course, but officially everybody is supposed to be satisfied with this piece of paper.

I could simply tell people who I am, but unless there is a little piece of paper mere facts are officially insufficient. But once I have this piece of paper I will exist in the real world, and not just on the Internets. I'm sure no good can come of such a thing. I'll be glad when the Internet completely replaces reality. Then I won't have to be staying awake until ungodly hours and going out to unpleasant places where I have to stand in line waiting and waiting, the way I did on the Internet when I was on dial-up. Why is there no broadband reality? Get to work on that, geeks.


All three feral kittens (I still think of them as kittens even though they are almost full-grown cats) were in my yard at once this afternoon. Fort he last few days I've never seen more than two at a time, and I think they were the same two. Where kitten #3 has been I don't know, but its absence may have had to do with the construction thats been going on beyond my back fence for several days. Kitten #3 is the shyest of the lot.

I also saw the gray cat for the first time in a couple of weeks. I have no idea where he's been either, but I was beginning to think he'd been nabbed by the cat police or had become road kill or a coyote's lunch. I was glad to see him. He gave no indication that he gave a rats ass about seeing me.

I should probably try to take a nap but I can't because there's stuff that needs doing. That it will get done ought to be sufficient evidence that I'm real. Stupid official papers.

Oh, a bit of wind is kicking up. Must go out and listen to the falling acorns!