October 25th, 2009

caillebotte_man at his window


Orion's meteors persist. Last night I saw several, though most traveled only a short distance and were dim. Even though I've been unable to spend much time outdoors watching them, I'm pleased. Most years October is too cloudy here and I see no Orionids at all. I'm also pleased with the frequent clatter of falling acorns, which is almost as enjoyable as the sound of woodpeckers pecking at the trees.

But October is passing quickly and soon neither sound will be frequent. By the end of this week another sound is due, though, when there will be more rain. One more mild day tomorrow, and then cold precedes the storm. Outside I hear not only acorns falling, but the frequent descent of leaves that brush, as they seek the ground, those as yet still far more numerous still clinging to the twigs.

The woods are paused at that moment between life and decay, and mere weeks remain until the moon will shine on exposed arboreal bones and lace the ground with their shadows. I go out to enjoy the last sweet exhalations of the gardenias soon to drop crinkled brown petals among the fallen oak leaves. Green and white will both have gone brown, as autumn devours more of last spring's works. And now I'm thinking about pears and persimmons. The season of spice looms. A fair trade.

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